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DevOps / DataOps Training

Data is core to our business. Hence, we have introduced DevOps principles into our Data pipelines and our working style. Our training course focuses on practical coaching for DevOps and DataOps regarding automation of cloud infrastructure, micro-services and service mesh. By the end of our program our clients are able to manage CI/CD solutions, cloud infrastructure, as well as Kubernetes services with advanced options.


BI Training

Our Looker and Tableau-certified BI analysts & engineers provide a practical learning experience for your team. Instead of focusing on tutorial books and template exercises, we create a bespoke training program based on your current challenges and skillsets.


DBT Training

We are the first specialist data company to adopt DBT in Europe. As active contributors to the DBT community we have been using this great open-source technology in a number of high-profile projects. Our training course is based on getting you started with DBT fundamentals, helping you integrate it with existing tools in your tech stack, and ultimately to enable a more data-driven culture.


Databricks Training

As an official Databricks partner, we work with clients to help them make the most of this impressive technology. Our training course focuses on practical coaching for data scientists, analysts and engineers. By the end of our program, our clients can self-sufficiently manage Databricks clusters, efficiently collaborate on data science, automate data flows, leverage frameworks like MLFlow and enable ad-hoc analytics over large quantities of data.


“Custom training for the entire team not only saved us a lot of money but ensured we remained competitive and it improved employee satisfaction.”

We can help you:

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Full stack data

Bring all your real-time or batch data into a single integrated analytics platform

Cloud development

Develop flexible cloud processes that are robust, secure and scalable



Leverage our flexible DevОps services to build and maintain a core cloud infrastructure