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Gaming solution overview

Data and AI for a competitive edge in gaming

Rapidly evolving technology only makes competition in the gaming industry more fierce. Consumers’ expectations keep rising, personalisation is a must and data is the only key to maintaining a sustainable edge on the market.

Whether you are in the development stages or are managing a mature portfolio of games, it is critical to build the right data processes and infrastructure.

Data challenges in gaming

Growing customer expectations

Customers expect highly sophisticated experiences and a plethora of options. Personalisation is a must. With evolving technology that encourages fierce competition, data underlies all of the aspects that make your product stand out.

Data monetisation

Insights into user behaviour, preferences and engagement patterns are key for monetising your product and unlocking new revenue streams. To align your strategy to your business model, you need advanced analytics, robust infrastructure and the ability to analyse use interactions in real time.

Testing and iteration

Effective experiments call for a feedback loop supported by robust data mechanisms. Testing across devices, platforms and networks is critical and involves huge volumes of data. Knowing what insights matter and how to cost efficiently manage the data involved is a growing challenge.

Scalable architecture

Small adjustments to player experience can have a great impact on retention. Yet, to avoid costly changes later on, it is crucial that you put in place the right data strategy and platform architecture from the very start. We help you build a robust, scalable solution to carry you through all stages of growth.

Solution benefits

A winning data strategy in gaming

A tried-and-tested game analytics blueprint

Our data blueprint for gaming scales from one game supported by a small team to a portfolio of games, eliminating the need for major changes to the platform or the approach in the long run.

The right event tracking set up as early as pre-launch helps you start gathering first-party behavioural data to understand and action everything from level analytics, product and user experience all the way to revenue and growth.

Player 360°

While every game is unique, there are some basic metrics that are crucial to track. We help you quickly build a Player 360° view to automatically enrich the first-party behavioural data to provide enhanced insights on the player and their context.

We will make sure you follow best practices to get the most out of event-level data and translate the complexities of an individual game into a robust data model, be it combat, puzzle or quest.

Self-serve game analytics

Integrating self-serve analytics into the game intelligence engine democratises data and enables data-driven decision-making.

Moving beyond static dashboards, this removes bottlenecks and accelerates innovation. Product, growth and development teams extract insights independently and are able to iteratively optimise features, mechanics and strategies based on real-time data feedback.

Machine learning

When the time is right, we help you integrate ML to unlock valuable insights and drive personalised experiences for players.

Advanced capabilities like probabilistic user identification and propensity analysis are available natively through the analytics platform. You can leverage them to drive deliver tailored content recommendations that drive engagement and foster long-term player loyalty.

Conceptual architecture for gaming solution

Conceptual architecture for gaming solution, Infinite Lambda

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We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.

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We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.