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Why migrate?

Migrations as a service

You are looking to start leveraging the benefits of a modern data platform:

Migration services

Transform your data infrastructure to reap the full benefits of the cloud.

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Migrate to dbt

Streamline your data transformation processes with dbt to accelerate dev cycles and improve collaboration across teams.

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Migrate to Snowflake

Leverage unparalleled scalability, lightning-fast query performance and enhanced data analytics capabilities on the cloud.


Cloudera to Snowflake

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Big Query to Snowflake

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Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server to Snowflake

Redshift to Snowflake

On premise

On premise to Snowflake

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Migrate to Snowflake Snowpark

Empower your developers to build powerful data applications within the Snowflake platform seamlessly.

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Our proven 3-stage process


We create a migration plan that includes a comprehensive cost estimation for the project and the platform so you can confidently budget for the initiative.

We keep your team involved throughout and deliver:

  • A priced Project Statement of Work
  • A validated architectural approach
  • A calculation of the level of effort to migrate your current platform
  • A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) forecast for your new data platform

We deliver this stage free of charge.

Scoping process
Project initiation process

Project initiation

We move on to set up infrastructure and cloud tools. We work with you to configure and secure all aspects of the platform. We deploy our data migration tools and prepare data quality checks and other tests to make sure we have complete confidence in the end result.

We deliver:

  • A complete platform configuration
  • Detailed documentation of data architecture and infrastructure
  • A suite of tests and data quality checks
  • A migration sequence plan and a project plan split into 2-week milestones
  • A training and change management strategy


We carry out the migration, working on data and pipelines, transformation and exposures depending on the domain.

At the end of this phase, you have:

  • A completed migration according to the agreed scope
  • Platform documentation
  • Training sessions
  • Recommendations for further modernisation
  • A migration summary report
Migration process

It’s hard to overstate how big an effort it is to migrate technology platforms inside of a large enterprise. These types of migrations make or break careers, they determine how competitive a business can be for a decade or more.

Tristan Handy, CEO, dbt Labs

We know what your challenges are

85% of tech leaders fail to deliver a migration within budget and timeline.

A data migration comes with significant challenges, especially for organisations that lack the in-house expertise and capacity to carry it out. We partner with your team to strategise and deliver a robust solution, sharing our market-leading blueprints, acceleration tools, best practices and highly experienced engineers. We then help you drive adoption by upskilling your teams and delivering success stories.

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Accelerate Your Cloud Data Migration

We have delivered over 60 successful migrations to the cloud. Together with our partners at dbt Labs, we held a webinar to guide you through the process, sharing valuable insights and helping you avoid common pitfalls. Watch this expert talk to gain confidence about your migration plans.

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Our work

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Leveraging dbt to build a Data Vault on Snowflake, this cloud data transformation unlocked greater business flexibility for a telco giant.

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See how we enabled a client in the modern insurance sector to migrate to Snowflake and dbt to ensure reliability for scalable solutions.

October 20, 2022
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