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We bring cutting-edge technology and help your business become more data-driven

Infinite Lambda helps leading companies become data-first with agile, cloud-based solutions based on cutting-edge technology practices.

Fullstack Data

Bring all your real-time or batch data into a single integrated analytics platform

Cloud Development

Develop flexible cloud processes that are robust, secure and scalable



Leverage our flexible DevОps services to build and maintain a core cloud infrastructure



Provide your team with regular training on the newest tools in BI, DevOps & more

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See the companies that we have helped explore the full potential of their data.

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We are Europe’s fastest-growing data and cloud engineering company.
Our team consists of experienced data engineering, business intelligence, DevOps, data science and machine learning experts. We are looking for the best talent in the tech industry and develop teams in the UK, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy, and Vietnam.

Infinite Lambda has been named Fivetran’s EMEA Innovation Partner of the year

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Learn how Integrated Analytics helps modern fintech companies reduce cost, increase profitability and prevent fraud.
Integrated Analytics in action
Read our practical examples of utilising Integrated Analytics to solve some of the hardest problems in FinTech.

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Despite Airflow’s popularity in data engineering, the start_date and execution_date concepts remain confusing among many new developers today. This article aims to demystify them. Basic Concept Airflow is an orchestration tool, which means that with