This is us

consultancy. academy.
tech accelerator.

We operate at the intersection of data, tech and sustainable economic growth, looking to make the industry accessible to talented minds.


We are devoted to advance data & cloud innovation and increase its meaningful impact to humanity at a global scale.

We are here to:

Enable world-class professionals to team up on projects that address pressing challenges.

Welcome talented people to develop and upskill in the data and cloud tech space.

Make data and tech innovation accessible to businesses to empower sustainable growth.

Guided by Values

Every decision we make as a team and as a company is dictated by these values. This makes us stronger.


Bringing exclusive tech to scaling businesses and talented people to the tech industry to empower a data-driven world.


Nurturing human connections and long-term partnerships based on approachability and feedback.


Asking for help and putting each other first because we are all in this together.


Challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of innovation on a daily basis.


Generously sharing knowledge, asking tough questions and recognising learning opportunities everywhere we look.

As friendly as a llama

Life at Infinite Lambda

We treat each other with respect and dignity, giving everyone the safe space to express their true self. We build together, learn together and face our challenges together, which is only possible by keeping an open mind and staying infinitely curious about what the precious human spirit is capable of.

Diverse is good

The more we grow, the more colourful Infinite Lambda becomes. We cherish the stories, backgrounds and experiences that people bring and aim to make sure everyone feels appreciated for who they are.

Hello, future teammate

Join us on our journey

There are over 130 of us and counting. We are a team of leading data engineers, analytics engineers, cloud developers, DevOps engineers, consultants, business analysts and delivery leads. But what is more important is that we are all explorers, innovators, challengers and most of all decent human beings. And we are always looking for more talented folks to join us.

The stories behind the work

We help companies thrive on innovation by strategising, building and sharing everything we know.

Cloud Data Transformation in Telecommunications
Data Platform Migration for Enhanced Reporting and Auditability
Cloud Data Platform Migration for the Ultimate Reliability
World Health Organisation
Carbon Analytics Platform for a Vehicle Fleet
The Francis Crick Institute
Scalable Global Trusted Research Environment
Robust Data Platform for a Digital Bank

We help companies thrive on innovation by strategising, building and sharing everything we know.