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Training and
in-housing for tech independence

We enable you to grow in the long run by helping you build a team and training your staff to do what we do.

take over and keep scaling the solutions we build together
Take over and keep scaling the solutions we build together
keep learning


Learn cutting-edge tools And methodologies

We mentor you in designing and implementing a modern data stack, teach you how to leverage Data Vault 2.0 and other modern data modelling techniques, and help you perfect data governance, DataOps, data security and cataloguing.

We provide highly personalised classroom-like training for professionals, helping them quickly get familiar with the data and cloud tools and techniques they need day to day.

Our training courses range from 1-3 days. Prior to the sessions, we work with you to understand your specific needs and be able to personalise the class accordingly.

We also help you adopt:

keep scaling


Empowering people and organisations

You might not want to have a consultancy stick around forever and we would not want to overstay our welcome. That is why we have developed a methodology for supporting our clients in in-housing activities.

Key activities we help with


We are here for collaborative work on deliverables, pair programming and classroom training sessions. Our experts ensure your in-house personnel gain sufficient first-hand experience with the technologies we have used and the deliverables we have helped you produce.

Helping you onboard new talent

We are right beside you when you are assembling and perfecting your in-house team, helping you interview and assess potential new members. We also make sure you keep scaling by hosting intensive talent accelerator programmes to equip bright new talent with the skills they need in your organisation.

keep the industry evolving

Making innovation inclusive

Building the future of cloud and data

Innovation can become more accessible if the skills it requires are easier to adopt. We designed the Infinite Lambda Talent Accelerator Programme for talented practitioners who wish to enter the data and cloud engineering professions.

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Let’s upskill
your team

Tell us what technology you are looking to adopt and perfect. We are here to help.

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We leverage cutting-edge tech and practices to help you innovate your way to a technologically mature and independent organisation.

Data &

Actionable insights in a single source of truth to empower you to thrive in a data-intensive world.

Digital & Cloud

A holistic approach to modernisation to enable quicker time to value for your organisation.


Advanced analytics techniques applied to your data sets to help you keep growing sustainably.

How we do it


We create a successful tech and data strategy for you, build a scalable solution and guide you to full technological independence.

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Everything we know, we are happy to share. Head to the blog to see how we leverage the tech.

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Data Contracts for Non-Tech Readers: a Restaurant Analogy
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dbt Data Quality Tests Implementation
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Data Mesh Adoption: A Business Leader's Perspective on the Benefits and Challenges
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Event-Driven Data Mesh: Understanding the Fundamentals
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From Central to Mesh: How to Transform Governance Right?
Governance is an essential part of any organisation. With good governance practices, businesses can manage processes and ensure the company follows strategy and goals. As...
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Everything we know, we are happy to share. Head to the blog to see how we leverage the tech.