Infinite Lambda named dbt Labs Partner of the Year for EMEA

Geri Plamenova
October 17, 2023
Read: 2 min

Infinite Lambda has been named dbt Labs Partner of the Year for the EMEA region in the Services category.

This award is a testament not only to our hard work but also to the trust that our partners place in us. It is a recognition of our commitment to driving excellence and innovation in the world of data.

We are immensely grateful for this recognition and look forward to strengthening our partnership with dbt Labs and achieving even greater milestones together.

Leading with expertise. Sharing expertise.

In the vast world of data, what has always set us apart is our expert team. We take pride in being home to some of the brightest minds in the data world and we are working tirelessly to ensure our team is at the forefront of the latest industry developments.

Boasting one of the highest number of engineers holding dbt certification globally and being recognised as a dbt Labs Premier partner, Infinite Lambda can ensure that clients benefit from world-class expertise.

For us, knowledge sharing is a mission not just internally but also when it comes to the wider tech community. We do not simply build solutions for our clients; we provide guidance and training to empower them to harness the full potential of dbt and their data platforms.

Migrating to the future

Accelerate your migration to a modern data platform in a safe and cost-effective way with dbt, Snowflake and Infinite Lambda.

We do have a reason to celebrate but we are not stopping here. What makes us truly happy is pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring new horizons in the data world.

Together with dbt labs, we have already helped over 60 organisations transition to a cloud data platform. With cutting-edge technology and practices at our fingertips, we help companies become data-driven, unlocking the true potential of their data.

With partners like dbt by our side, equally passionate about innovative technology and knowledge sharing, the future looks incredibly bright and exciting.

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