Infinite Lambda Named dbt Labs Platinum Partner

Geri Plamenova
October 18, 2022
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We are thrilled to announce that Infinite Lambda has been named a Platinum partner to dbt Labs.

We have been using dbt since the very beginning and have delivered over 40 projects with it over the past four years. Seeing first-hand the tremendous impact it has had on data teams small and large all over the world, we are big fans of dbt and will continue to lean on it to empower our clients and help them use data better.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank our brilliant analytics and data engineers, who continue to find newer and better ways to leverage cutting-edge technologies like dbt to deliver meaningful impact to our clients.

2022 dbt Labs Platinum Certification Award

Infinite Lambda has been named dbt Labs Platinum Certification Award Winner. The award was announced at the Partner Day at Coalesce, dbt Labs’ annual analytics engineering conference, and celebrates the number of dbt certified engineers at the partner company.

The Infinite Lambda team extremely proud of this accomplishment. We live and breathe upskilling, so it has never been just about the certificates. However, we are also all about data, so we tend to quantify and measure success to be able to draw insights. We are data people, what can you do?

Of course, our clients deserve the reassurance that their projects are in good hands, which is why we will keep up the certification tendency and most importantly, we will keep learning and challenging ourselves.

Infinite Lambda CTO Marton Hubay emphasises Infinite Lambda’s experience with dbt:

We have been using dbt since day 1; the technology, the principles and the best practices are in Infinite Lambda’s DNA. The dbt Labs Platinum certification award is a recognition of the tremendous work we have put into this, and a stepping stone to proceed with our mission to deliver impact at global scale using cutting-edge data and cloud technologies.

This award goes out to every single member of our analytics engineering team and is a true measurement of team performance. We hold it very dear and celebrate as a team across locations and projects.

Analytics Engineering Lead Adrien Boutreau is proud of his chapter’s achievement:

When dbt certification was announced, our analytics engineers jumped at the opportunity to take the test. This award goes to show the level of dedication to both projects and development, how meticulous we are with following best practices and how eager we are to stay up to date.

I am proud of the entire analytics chapter for their sound knowledge-sharing routines and their unwavering strive for excellence. We are a knowledge-loving community and we treasure this recognition.

dbt Labs Platinum Certification square

dbt provide sleek training and certification opportunities that equip us with the resources we need to upskill, practise what we learn and test our knowledge efficiently.

Infinite Lambda Talent Development Lead Alexandra Lungu comments on the accomplishment:

Learning is one of our core values at Infinite Lambda. Everyone makes a commitment to strive for excellence and continuous learning. The dbt certification was yet another opportunity for our engineers to proudly embody this value and demonstrate how disciplined and driven we are when it comes to bettering our expertise.

Infinite Lambda engineers were delighted to learn of both the dbt Labs Platinum partnership and the award, and celebrated as a team.

Extensive dbt experience

Explore these case studies to learn how we have used dbt in projects:

Get in touch with us to talk about your project and the adoption of the modern data stack.

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