Infinite Lambda Becomes dbt Labs Premier Consulting Partner

Geri Plamenova
August 8, 2023
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We are delighted to announce our new Premier Consulting Partner status with dbt Labs, marking a significant step in our successful collaboration. As two pioneers of cutting-edge data technology, dbt Labs and Infinite Lambda have been working together for the past 5 years to empower clients and apply innovative data practices.

Róisín Kearney, Head of Alliances for EMEA at dbt Labs, comments on this achievement:

Huge congratulations to the entire Infinite Lambda team on all the work you have done this year to achieve this status and I know this is only the beginning of our global partnership.

One of the most certified dbt partners globally, Infinite Lambda is looking forward to empowering client organisations to drive value from their data and accelerate tangible business results.

Thank you for being there, dbt Labs

Infinite Lambda extends its gratitude to the exceptional team at dbt Labs for their unwavering support. This level of dedication to excellence has been invaluable in driving a positive impact on projects, making our collaboration instrumental in our journey to empower clients with cutting-edge data solutions.

Infinite Lambda CEO Nas Radev comments on the news:

dbt Labs started a movement that is literally transforming the way organisations around the globe use data. We are so honoured to be named a Premier Partner. Having worked with over 40 clients on their dbt implementation, we are intimately familiar with the myriad of ways dbt helps make data easier to trust and easier to use for everyone in the company. We are also very proud to be part of a community that brings so much value to the world of technology.

We truly appreciate the commitment to maintaining outstanding standards in partner relations that have been enabling us to deliver transformative data experiences from the very start of Infinite Lambda. It is a pleasure to walk side by side on the exciting road of data innovation.

Meet us at Coalesce London

We are also thrilled to invite you all to join Coalesce 2023 in London where Infinite Lambda will be delivering dbt training.

On 17 October, we will make the most of a day packed with valuable networking opportunities and insightful discussions around data solutions and success stories. Our team is looking forward to meeting you there to talk about the latest in the data space.

See how we have been applying dbt’s technology to:

Get in touch to start a conversation around your organisation’s data objectives.

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