Advanced Reporting Capabilities


Enabling advanced reporting capabilities and building dashboards for next-generation patient monitoring and management systems.

Oxehealth is a global leader in vision-based patient monitoring and management systems. Their platform delivers clinical insights that enable medical staff to plan patient care and proactively intervene, thus contributing to safer, higher quality and more efficient care.

What we did

Bespoke ETL solution
Automated reporting
Machine learning enablement
Training and continuity

The Challenge

Oxehealth approached us with the clear aim of getting more use out of their data. Their challenge was the data being highly fragmented, which would make it costly to run the architecture to store and analyse it.

We set out to define a new architecture for storing the data and build reports in Tableau for Oxehealth’s internal users and clients.

The solution

Brand new data warehouse in snowflake

We built an entirely new data warehouse for Oxehealth in Snowflake. To prevent fragmented data silos and semi-automated data pipelines, we used Snowflake and opted for a single-source-of-truth solution that is easy to maintain.

As a source we used the client’s individual customer sites, whose data would land in Amazon S3 buckets because they required proper data-preparation and security constraints.

In Snowflake, we transformed the data with dbt, a well-supported open-source tool, whose flexibility and low cost made it an ideal option for a small data team.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

The client had a unique ingestion challenge and a large amount of data to ingest on a daily basis. This made the usual tools were cost prohibitive and called for an alternative solution. We delivered a bespoke ETL solution for Oxehealth built with Prefect and Python.


Oxehealth’s clients and internal users can access the data via automated reports, powered by advanced analytics. We built the reports using Tableau because of its strong ad-hoc analytics and visualisation capabilities and the possibility to integrate with a wide variety of data sources. Moreover, the tool is especially user-friendly with an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionalities and a storyboarding option.

Tableau was our tool of choice for Oxehealth’s fast-growing organisation also for its transparent pricing structure where the cost is calculated based on the number of users and the capabilities they would be using.

Data science

Data scientists at Oxehealth work on ML algorithms to improve their vision-recognition product day-to-day, which is a compute heavy exercise. They used to work on a local Spark setup but maintaining the environment required a lot of time and expertise. We recommended Databricks on AWS because it is a SaaS solution and the team could migrate their codebase without changing it.


We ensured the client’s independence in maintaining the new infrastructure. Our engineers provided detailed instructions on how to perform a number of tasks as well as videos which could be explored and relearnt by future employees on the client’s side. We completed quality reviews with the client to ensure the training and the learning deliverables were fit for purpose.

Oxehealth had a nominated person from their organisation who would be leading the maintenance of the system. We brought them in as part of the team so he could work alongside our practitioners and learn on the job.

The technology we useD

The Result

Advanced analytics for safer, more efficient care

We equipped Oxehealth with advanced reporting capabilities and built the dashboards they needed.

The Vital Signs report we created delivers regular weekly and monthly reports, saving up the customer service’s team time. This report offers insights into new device usage, misuse incidents and ward specifics.

We built a dashboard to monitor room activities, allowing Oxehealth users to check all room systems’ statuses, automatically onboard new wards and optimise the work of a series of teams.

Our engineers developed advanced site configuration capabilities that included monitoring current settings, tracking changes and even having the finance, product and customer service teams to access the data they needed.

Oxehealth could also gain insights into customer experience with customer feedback, reliance performance and compliance reports.

Infinite Lambda’s engineering team has been applying cutting-edge data management practices, using best-in-industry tools and leveraging strategic partnerships to deliver utmost functionality and value.

The solution we built was founded in both world-class industry expertise and a deep understanding of the client’s needs that would enable us to design the infrastructure, deliver it and empower Oxehealth to fully take over.

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