Redefining career security: Vietnam

Geri Plamenova
August 25, 2021
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This article is a part of a series of blog posts that focuses on key aspects of career development in the countries where we grow teams. At Infinite Lambda, we place special emphasis on regional and cultural specifics, aiming to contribute to the communities we enter. That is why we analyse and identify the main motivators that keep our teams happy and healthy in these troubled times.

Career security in the context of the lockdown

Amidst a lockdown in Vietnam

Career anxiety is one of the aspects of the heavy toll that Covid is taking on the Vietnamese society. The insecure situation country-wide paired with continuous restrictions aggravate the predominant sense of stagnation that reigns over the labour market.

Important career choices are naturally postponed for more secure times where people feel more resilient to changes. Respectively, career security becomes an increasingly important factor in the decision to start a new job.

Despite the local situation

Vietnam is going through an extremely challenging period that has put many decisions and changes on hold. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that opting to join a robust organisation in an industry that is not directly affected by the pandemic is often the safer choice.

The tech community in Vietnam, as in many other countries, is implicitly protected inasmuch as it can work remotely in the general case and it brings skills in high demand that should render most IT jobs safe.

International growth and local impact

At Infinite Lambda, people enjoy an even greater job security. We are an international company with clients from all over the world. We keep working regardless of location, and the situation in Vietnam or any other country where we operate does not affect our stability because our clients are not concentrated in a single location.

As a company that prioritises its impact on local communities, we have the confidence to advertise our vacancies in Vietnam and all other locations as secure, long-term positions. It is exactly with such confidence in mind that we are looking to expand our team in Vietnam in this critical period and we will keep up the expansion activities in the future.

Safe recruitment process

Safe recruitment and onboarding process

Any ambitions to grow a team during the pandemic should be supported by rigorous safety measures and strict abidance by local authorities’ regulations. The huge emphasis we place on employee wellbeing starts with the community’s safety in mind.

We have 100% remote interviews, screenings and onboarding processes. We do not compromise efficiency as these processes have been developed well before Covid as we are used to working in distributed teams.

We do have a cosy office in Ho Chi Minh City that we will be delighted to see brimming with people and ideas. Yet, we will never ask you to come in unless it is considered perfectly safe and you feel comfortable with it.

A company that invests in its employees

Life at Infinite Lambda is about making sustainable choices that have a long-term positive impact on both our teams and the world we live in. This translates into initiatives to support employee growth and create a workplace environment that promotes work-life balance, good mental health and fun time together.

Good working conditions

New office

As we already mentioned, there is a brand new office that patiently awaits our team in Ho Chi Minh City. We opened it right before the introduction of the major restrictions in the country but we do not mind seeing it closed for a few weeks or months as long as this will keep people safe.

Infinite Lambda’s office in Ho Chi Minh City is located in ABTel Tower at 36 Phan Dang Luu, Phuong 5, Binh Thanh. A spacious open area, a training room, a cosy lounge space and an inspiring llama wall will hopefully welcome our team back soon.


Here are some of our initiatives that foster a healthy work-life balance and support our team members’ wellbeing outside work too.

  • 16 days paid leave: this is the minimum paid holiday that we encourage our team to take every year. Once you use up these 16 days, we can take more paid time off because good rest and time spent with loved ones should not be quantified.
  • Parental support: 3 weeks of fully paid paternity leave and 20 weeks of fully paid maternity leave are available across all of the countries where we operate.
  • Health insurance + dental package: private health insurance is a must and employees get it from day one.
  • Remote opportunities: as welcoming as our offices are, we will always offer remote opportunities too. Whether you are a life-long fan of working from home or prefer bringing your laptop to the beach, you are free to make up your own mind.

Life at Infinite Lambda

Life at Infinite Lambda Vietnam

Long-term employment and career growth are based on both job security and the employee’s desire to stay at a company. That is why we make sure that apart from feeling secure about their jobs, people are also happy with life at Infinite Lambda.

Some of our Vietnamese team’s favourite aspects of their experience here are:

  1. Supportive environment:
    Whether you have some good news to share or need some help, we are there for you. We solve challenges together and celebrate each other’s success because we believe in teamwork.
    If you have some personal challenges to take care of, we also have your back. Even if you just need to talk to someone, you can always turn to a buddy or approach one of our certified Mental Health First Aiders.
  2. International team:
    We form teams based on skillsets and not location, which means that your teammates will likely be based across the world. This way, you get to bond with both your buddies at the local office and your colleagues far away. We appreciate the skills that you will bring and the culture you will help us explore.
  3. Teambuilding activities:
    Normally, we hold various in-person initiatives that help us get to know each other. At the Ho Chi Minh City office, we have treats delivered to celebrate different occasions and everyone can have their own plant on their desk to take care of. Such initiatives help us stay connected and personalise our work space.
    While we cannot do all of this right now (worry not, the plants are safe), we hold events online and meet with buddies from all over the world. Online games, virtual coffee breaks and various company-wide campaigns help us stay connected and support each other.

Apply at Infinite Lambda Vietnam

You can join us right away

Our team in Vietnam keeps growing and you can be a part of it. Take a look at our open positions and join a company that emphasises career security and employee wellbeing.

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