We’ve Opened an Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We’re back with the exciting news that we now have an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Over the past months, we’ve had several amazing people join us and we’re extremely proud of the team we are building there. That is why in April 2021 we opened our first office in the country.

Cutting the ribbon at the HCMC office

Why open an office now?

The moment we started interviewing in Ho Chi Minh City, we realised the country harbours even more tech expertise than we had hoped for. We didn’t have specific plans for setting up a location in our first quarter there. However, we were inspired by the local spirit of innovation and we knew we wanted to join in right away.

Let’s take a tour

The office accommodates 40 employees and provides a comfortable and inspiring environment to work, rest, meet and learn.

It’s situated on the 6th floor, featuring a view over the city and lots of natural light:

HCMC workspace

We can’t wait for all of those chairs to be filled with team members. This is only one of three meeting rooms that are already brimming with fresh ideas.

HCMC meeting room blog

Of course, we also have a lounge space where everyone can recharge and seek inspiration in a cup of coffee.

HCMC work and lounge

And finally, we have a llama wall to remind us of the power of data and cloud technologies. It is also a symbol of togetherness as it has been designed by Eli Nikolova, a member of our creative team, based in Bulgaria, and painted by local artists in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing together talent from across the world.

The wall faces the main work area and it can be seen from the entire floor. The friendly llama is Infinite Lambda’s mascot standing for perseverance and care for its buddies.

Llama wall at the HCMC office

We had a small party to celebrate the opening that brought together the team as well as a few friends and partners. It was refreshing to finally be able to talk in person and meet the people we had been working with online in the past several months. Now, amidst the lockdown, we think back to the fun we had and look forward to being able to work together at the office.

HCMC office party

Building a team in Vietnam is a pleasure and an honour. We already have 6 employees, among which are software developers, BI engineers, data scientists and an office manager. We’re glad we can offer a cosy and innovative workspace to our members there and we’re thrilled the place is already buzzing.

We have a number of open positions that you can apply to right now and join the team in our newest location.

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