Asset Management

Modern data solutions for full compliance and AI enablement in the asset management industry.

Asset management solution overview

Data and AI enablement in asset management

Build a consolidated data platform for highly personalised investment strategies. Tap into your data and get ready to adopt AI for fully compliant, highly engaging solutions that give you the ultimate competitive edge in the asset management sector.

asset management’s data challenges

Complex data environments

Data environments are increasingly intricate, involving diverse sources from market updates to internal databases. Complex financial tools and corporate structures add layers of complexity, where successful management relies on robust systems based on the modern data stack.


With stricter regulations and regional differences, compliance is a growing data challenge in the asset management sector. Modern data solutions should enable data governance in a way that meets requirements to minimise risks, facilitate auditing and ensure transparency.

Rising expectations

Investors seek performance and accountability. Society demands ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. To meet these expectations, asset management businesses need to innovate and demonstrate their commitment to long-term value creation and ESG goals.

A bustling tech landscape

Businesses are navigating an oversaturated technological landscape, looking to make decisions about their critical data infrastructure. Evaluating options is a challenge, especially when data leaders need to make sure the solutions will benefit the entire organisation in the long run.

Solution benefits

A winning data strategy in asset management

Investor 360°

A consolidated data platform enables Investor 360° profiles to offer personalised insights and tailored investment strategies. Based on individual preferences and risk profiles, these capabilities foster strong client relationships and enhance engagement.

End-to-end automation

Automation implemented across investment processes, from trade execution to settlement, reduces manual errors, streamlines operations and improves efficiency. It is also the only path to scalability for the infrastructure and for the business.

Advanced reporting

Clients and auditors require comprehensive visibility into portfolio performance, risk metrics and compliance status. Informed decision-making and transparency now rely on generating advanced reports with real-time insights and customisable dashboards.

The ultimate data reliability

To build confidence in the data on the part of clients, stakeholders and employees, businesses need to ensure full system reliability. This calls for data infrastructure that is built with robust data governance practices in mind to ensure integrity, security and availability at all times.

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We are trusted
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Data success story

AJ Bell required a new, cloud-based data warehouse solution to replace their existing on-prem SQL Server system. They had identified Snowflake and dbt as key technologies.

We helped the client adopt the Data Cloud, build their entire business logic on dbt and introduce a data snapshot approach that enables full compliance with industry regulations.

Our consultants worked alongside AJ Bell's practitioners in an embedded team, holding regular workshops, demos and knowledge-sharing sessions to ensure the ultimate transparency and continuity.

Infinite Lambda’s expertise allowed us to smoothly transition our on-premise systems to Snowflake and modernise our data operations. Their level of professionalism and dedication is second to none.

Mo Tagari, CTO at AJ Bell
Leveraging the modern
data stack in Asset Management

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We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.

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We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.