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Winning with real-time data & analytics

Unrivalled mastery of our craft acquired through delivering over 50 custom data and analytics platforms to date.

From data to clear insights
From data to
clear insights
our data & analytics services

We build modern data platforms to rapidly deliver high-quality insights that help drive your business forward

Data strategy

We help map out the business processes and analytics needs within your organisation and then pick the technology stack and data architecture accordingly. This allows us to design and deliver a solution that will have maximum business impact.

Data technology

Our consultants are well-versed in all modern data technologies, offering a tech agnostic approach to pick the best set of tools for you. This ranges from modern data stack technologies to more sophisticated cloud-native solutions.

Data engineering

Our data engineers build scalable and robust data pipelines and processes that ensure the high quality and availability of data using a variety of open-source and off-the-shelf tools as required. No more bad or missing data.

Data modelling

Data modelling is at the heart of any data platform. It is what makes data “click”. Our data modellers are experts in methodologies such as Kimball, Data Vault 2.0, data lakehouse and data mesh.

Dashboards and visualisation

Having the right data engineering and modelling foundations makes it a breeze to use data to generate quality insights and create automated reports. Our BI engineers help you adopt modern tools and build the dashboards you need for a more data-driven organisation.


Bad data erodes trust and makes everyone second-guess data-driven decisions. Our DataOps experts help incorporate advanced software engineering and testing practices into our work, guaranteeing we are always one step ahead of bad data.

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We are a generation of engineers and technologists who are passionate about transforming organisations with digital-age solutions and seeing them thrive on the cloud.

Success Stories

We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.

Cloud Data Transformation in Telecommunications
Data Platform Migration for Enhanced Reporting and Auditability
Cloud Data Platform Migration for the Ultimate Reliability
World Health Organisation
Carbon Analytics Platform for a Vehicle Fleet
The Francis Crick Institute
Scalable Global Trusted Research Environment
Robust Data Platform for a Digital Bank
Building a Single Source of Truth
Integrated Data Analytics Platform
The Halo Trust
Using Artificial Intelligence to Find the Debris of War
A Single Source of Truth in the Cloud

We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.

Data Tech expertise

Our experience enables us to masterfully choose and apply the best tech stack for the job. Here are some of our favourites.

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Our work with established blue-chip companies and exciting hyper-growth scale-ups across a number of industries enables us to bring you a wealth of inspiration and ideas.

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We leverage cutting-edge tech and practices to help you innovate your way to a technologically mature and independent organisation.

Digital & Cloud Transformation

A holistic approach to modernisation to enable quicker time to value for your organisation.

Training &

Bespoke upskilling and onboarding accelerators to enable you to take over the solution we have built.


Advanced analytics techniques applied to your data sets to help you keep growing sustainably.

How we do it


We create a successful tech and data strategy for you, build a scalable solution and guide you to full technological independence.