Meet the Team: Rastislav Zdechovan, Analytics Engineer

Rastislav Zdechovan

There is no better way to peek into the company culture at Infinite Lambda than to ask the team themselves to tell us about their experience. We now embark on an employee stories’ journey to show you around the IL world and give you a sense of the community we are building internally.

Our very first interviewee is Rastislav Zdechovan, an analytics engineer and one of the first team members in Slovakia. He got his MA in Statistics and Data Analysis at the Faculty of Science at the Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic.

Rastislav is based in Kosice, where we are about to open an office. In this interview, he tells us about his work at IL, his team experience and and his aspirations for 2022.

You have been with IL for 10 months now. What has changed during this time?

I can’t believe it’s been 10 months already; it feels like I have just joined. Apart from the myriad of technical skills I acquired, I feel huge progress in communication skills. This applies to my communication with clients and colleagues equally. We all recently underwent extensive communication training, which significantly contributed.

What has been your biggest surprise at IL?

I have been at companies with really deep hierarchies which lead to very little information being shared with developers. So, I was pleased to find how transparent Infinite Lambda was and how eager everyone was to share their knowledge and help teammates progress.

How does your degree help you in your work today?

My MA in Statistics and Data Analysis gave me a sound theoretical background. The program was all about the theory aspects of data analysis and it helped me build the foundation of data processing of any kind. What I learnt back then, I would use throughout my tasks on a daily basis.

Do you remember your first project here? What was it?

I remember it very well because I am still working on it. 🙂 I am actually involved in product development work aiming to introduce small to medium sized e-commerce companies to data-driven decision making. We solve fascinating problems and arrive at interesting insights into the e-commerce industry.

You live in Kosice, where we are about to open an office. Do you plan to go regularly?

I think it will be around a 50/50 split in my case. I appreciate the freedom we are given, so it will mostly depend on the mood I wake up in. I am used to such autonomy now and I cannot go back.

Have you been to other offices? How do you find them?

I’ve been to the office in Miskolc, Hungary twice. It was a nice change to be working with my colleagues in person. The second visit was related to Miskolc in the Cloud, the meetup that Infinite Lambda organised during the summer. I had a great time there.

The year is almost over, what are your hopes for 2022?

I’d like to get into a more senior position on some data modelling oriented projects, so certification is on my list. It would also be great if the Kosice office came alive with more and more people joining us soon.

Rastislav is looking for new analytics engineering buddies around the world but, as you can see, Kosice would be even better. Check out the career opportunities and drop us a line if you’re interested.