Infinite Lambda is Growing the Team in Slovakia

We have committed to establishing strong teams and exploring Slovakia’s engineering potential to the fullest. We are now actively hiring in various technical domains, including data engineering, DataOps and business intelligence.

Why Slovakia

It is not surprising that we have chosen Slovakia because of its renowned tech workforce. The country has been recognised for its developers, ranking first in SkillValue’s 2019 report and continuing its rapid growth in the last two years.

We already had offices in central and eastern Europe in Hungary and Bulgaria respectively with two teams in each. We wanted to add to this network of offices and enter a new country with an advanced and highly qualified ICT workforce

Our goals

Infinite Lambda specialises in cloud and data engineering solutions. We are actively looking for new talent as our projects are constantly growing in number and scale. Our goal is to hire across all domains and levels, prioritising experienced engineers but staying on the lookout for junior talent as well.

“Our mission is to create a place where talented people around the world want to work together so they can be impactful together,” says Nas Radev, CEO of Infinite Lambda.

Hiring locations in Slovakia

Our locations

We are actively hiring in two cities in Slovakia: Kosice and Bratislava but applicants from other locations are welcome to join us remotely too.

We currently have a team of 10 in the country, distributed between Kosice and the capital and consisting of DevOps, delivery, analytics and data engineering talents. Slovakia’s second largest city welcomed us warmly and offered us a chance to form a team starting with great professionals that jumped right into our projects from day one when they joined, the first one having already been with us for a year.

A new office opening in Kosice

Although we are great fans of remote opportunities, we are looking forward to opening our first office in Slovakia in Kosice. We are in the very process of setting up the location and are working hard to get everything ready to welcome our team in a cosy space.

Working from Kosice will be aligned with Infinite Lambda’s belief in employee autonomy in choosing to work from home, coming to the office or combining these options. They do not need to file requests, report on their location or formalise their choice. Instead, they can make up their mind on the spot every day and adjust their work routine according to their personal situation.

“We believe in granting employees full autonomy to make their work situation comfortable the way they understand it,” says Delivery Lead Peter Breyl, who is based in Kosice and is among the first employees in Slovakia.

Why you should join us in Slovakia

Infinite Lambda places a special emphasis on employee wellbeing with a variety of global policies that foster a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • Unlimited paid holiday

We encourage people to rest, recharge and take care of their loved ones. To this purpose, we have an unlimited paid holiday policy in place. It allows permanent employees to take more days off than it is set out in their contract.

  • Working your local hours

Since we are an international team, we are often asked if people work on shifts to match the hours in another country. At Infinite Lambda, you will be working your local hours, regardless of where your teammates are based. In addition, you can enjoy flexible hours, an opportunity which has been helping employees take care of personal responsibilities during Covid.

  • Diverse projects

Diverse projects and challenging tasks keep everyone focused, helping them explore new interests and develop their potential. Our clients span across tens of industries, including healthtech, edtech, entertainment, NGO and fintech, so there are always meaningful projects to be involved in.

  • Parental leave support

As much as we love what we do, family remains everything. Creating a healthy work environment starts with showing respect for employee’s personal lives and family responsibilities, so we are absolutely thrilled to see people starting families and having enough time to spend with their loved ones. Moreover, we have a global parental leave policy that secures employees’ full pay for a specific duration when they go on maternity or paternity leave.

Openings in Slovakia

What are the openings

In Slovakia, we are actively looking for:

Each of the roles involves work on the cloud. It also entails constant training and upskilling, learning new technologies and applying them right away.

How to apply for openings in Slovakia

How to apply

You can apply in one of the following ways:

  1. Visit the links above and fill out the application. Check out all of our openings to stay up to date.
  2. On LinkedIn (note some openings might not be listed there)
  3. Mail your CV in English in PDF to

A word on the selection process

The selection process consists of three stages:

  1. Application review: our recruitment team will consider your experience and qualifications first.
  2. Technical screening or practical test: if you are shortlisted, you will be asked to complete a test or invited to a screening interview which is intended to give us an idea of your specific skills.
  3. Interviewing: finally, you will be invited for a chat with someone from senior management to see if we are a good fit for each other.

If you are interested in the positions, go ahead and apply. Follow Infinite Lambda on LinkedIn to stay tuned for new opportunities as well.

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