How we do it

Excellence that empowers your growth

We bring tried and tested methodologies and deep-tech skills that enable you to scale in an impactful, consistent and sustainable way.


Еxperienced consultants that create a detailed data strategy based on your needs and capabilities.


World-class professionals that work transparently and build resilient, scalable solutions.

Training &

Bespoke upskilling and onboarding accelerators to enable you to take over the solution we have built.

Scaling. Guidance. Impact.
Scaling. Guidance. Impact.
our approach

We design your strategy, deliver your solution and enable you to scale in the long run.

how we do it


refine your data and digital strategy

Our holistic approach to mapping out your business needs and tech capabilities ensures your strategy benefits the entire organisation. This includes documenting processes and needs, proposing a solution architecture, assessing vendors and technology options, and creating a detailed delivery roadmap.

Key activities we help with

Business analysis

Our experienced Business Analysts engage with various stakeholders across your organisation in order to capture and document their requirements. This helps create alignment on what needs to be solved.

Systems & Process Mapping

Our consultants create comprehensive yet easy-to-understand mappings of key business and technology processes and interactions. This helps us design an optimal solution that fits your organisation.

Solution design

Our architects work with you to design the most suitable technology solution, keeping in mind current and future needs for functionality, scalability, security and cost, amongst a number of other key factors.

Vendor selection & management

We have experience working with the vast majority of modern data and cloud technology vendors on the market and can help you understand and compare their offerings and use the ones that best suit your needs.

Delivery Roadmap & Budgeting

Our Delivery experts help you build a realistic delivery roadmap while keeping sufficient room for flexibility throughout the delivery process. They can also help calculate the total cost of delivering your project.

how we do it


excellence at the core of execution

We are a team of world-class data and cloud professionals. We support you in creating strong technology foundations and adopt best practices that help you in the long run. Our fully transparent approach prioritises continuity and makes sure you get a scalable solution you can build upon for many years to come.

Key activities we help with

Infrastructure & Security

Our DevSecOps experts help you deploy cloud infrastructure that is secure and scalable. They use Infrastructure-as-Code and a variety of tools and techniques to secure critical data and processes while keeping cost under control.

Data Engineering

Our Data professionals leverage a plethora of tools to build robust data pipelines, lakes, lakehouses and cloud warehouses. They utilise data quality tests into everything they do, giving you a piece of mind that your business decisions are based on good data.

Data Modelling & Analytics

Our experts are certified in a number of modern BI tools and trained in a variety of data modelling and warehousing methodologies which enables them to unlock key business insights quickly and build critical business reports with confidence.

Cloud Application Engineering

When an application needs to be robust, secure and scale automatically, our Cloud Application Engineers step in to do the heavy lifting. They specialise in using modern cloud technologies and established software engineering practices.

Delivery management

Our highly experienced Delivery Leads are with you every step of the way, helping liaise with key stakeholders, organise consultant and business personnel, control project risks, manage cost and generally ensure that the project is a major success.


During our typical delivery cycle, we deploy a select team of professionals with complementary skills that are embedded within your organisation and work together to deliver on the execution plan. We usually follow an Agile methodology while adhering to our overall strategy and roadmap as closely as possible.

We often leverage our accelerator tools in order to automate processes such as cloud infrastructure deployment, data cleaning, logging and alerting in order to use time optimally and focus on what is unique to your business.

how we do it

Training & in-housing

empowering both people and organisations

We believe one of the best ways to sustainably empower is to train others how to do what we do.

Key activities we help with


We provide highly personalised classroom-like training for professionals, helping them up-skill to a level where they can comfortably take over the technology solutions we have created. This helps our clients reduce the dependency on an external consultancy like ourselves.


Our in-housing services help you hire your own internal team, including support in designing your ideal in-house team and help interviewing candidates.

What we do

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We leverage cutting-edge tech and practices to help you innovate your way to a technologically mature and independent organisation.

Data &

Actionable insights in a single source of truth to empower you to thrive in a data-intensive world.

Digital & Cloud Transformation

A holistic approach to modernisation to enable quicker time to value for your organisation.

Training &

Bespoke upskilling and onboarding accelerators to enable you to take over the solution we have built.

Success stories

We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.

Cloud Data Transformation in Telecommunications
Data Platform Migration for Enhanced Reporting and Auditability
Cloud Data Platform Migration for the Ultimate Reliability
World Health Organisation
Carbon Analytics Platform for a Vehicle Fleet
The Francis Crick Institute
Scalable Global Trusted Research Environment
Robust Data Platform for a Digital Bank

We have helped over 50 organisations to deliver projects at different scales with over £100m in ROI.