Infinite Lambda Becomes VaultSpeed Sapphire Partner

Geri Plamenova
August 9, 2023
Read: 2 min

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Infinite Lambda is now recognised as a VaultSpeed Sapphire partner.

This development is extremely important to us, as our partnership with VaultSpeed has been nurtured by wholesome partner relations and an unwavering level of technological excellence we can trust our partners to maintain.

VaultSpeed’s automation technology has been empowering us to deliver greater value through Data Vault, optimising time and costs for our clients and enabling us to leverage their enterprise platforms in the most efficient way.

Leveraging VaultSpeed’s technology to drive excellence

The Data Vault 2.0 modelling technique helps engineers craft an elegant architectural design that upholds the highest standards of traceability and accountability.

VaultSpeed takes this excellence to the next level, enabling practitioners to automate integrations from multiple sources. It has built-in processes and loading patterns based on many years of experience, automating ETL, enhancing precision and reducing the risk of human error to contribute to truly reliable solutions.

Being a cloud native technology, VaultSpeed supports seamless scalability for the clients’ entire analytics infrastructure, which also results in cost optimisation.

VaultSpeed’s technology embraces a no-code approach and sports a user-friendly interface, so it is highly accessible and easy to adopt, saving time at every step and becoming a go-to choice for enterprise clients setting out on a Data Vault journey.

Data warehouse automations done right

In pursuit of sustainable solutions, we embrace VaultSpeed’s data warehouse automations (DWAs), which optimise processes and enforce adherence to standardised practices.

Data teams do not have to build their automatisation framework and processes from the ground up, as VaultSpeed has already done that for them, effectively eliminating the burden of manual tasks.

Data Consultant Zoltan Csonka comments on leveraging VaultSpeed’s capabilities:

Many organisations are looking to drive actual business value without spending resources on building and maintaining their framework. To do that, they need a modern, cloud-based, low-code DWA solution they can easily implement. In these cases, I have been confidently recommending VaultSpeed and seeing great impact delivered soon after adoption.

When we work on building a single source of truth, we always do it with seamless analytics and reporting in mind. Given that we integrate numerous data sources that continuously expand, we work with a level of complexity that requires radical optimisations and uncompromising reliability.

Moreover, we seek to standardise processes so that the clients’ data teams will be able to work with growingly diverse data sources and formats, maintaining auditable integrity and ensuring compliance.

In other words, everything we create must be resilient, sustainable and serve the client organisation in the long run. VaultSpeed’s technology has been our go-to automations solution that has empowered us to increase and maintain efficiency on Data Vault projects.


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Get in touch, so we can discuss how your organisation can harness the full power of its data or to discuss automations specifically. The Infinite Lambda consultants will help you understand if Data Vault is the most suitable methodology for your project and guide you to a successful implementation that will enable you to drive value for the entire enterprise.

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