Nurturing the deep-tech experts of tomorrow

A 12-month paid traineeship in cutting-edge cloud and data technology.

Infinite Lambda’s Talent Accelerator

Infinite Lambda is a pioneer in the fields of data engineering and analytics, cloud-native engineering and DevOps. We create cutting-edge platforms for modern companies that help them scale, transform and continuously improve.

Until now, the only way to learn to do what we do has been by spending years at a similar organisation. The Talent Accelerator is here to change that by providing the right type of support, guidance and practical experience to help people enter the industry.




12 months

Permanent positions will be offered to top performing trainees


The Talent Accelerator is a one-year programme
You will be employed on a full-time basis and paid a competitive monthly salary throughout the entire period.
The Accelerator consists of two stages: 3 months of intensive training in the tech you need followed by 9 months of experience with real-world projects.

Intensive Training

You will spend the first 15 weeks undergoing intensive training by world-class professionals. This training is focused on the skills you will need in order to be successful in your practical experience. Our training programmes are designed by professionals who use these skills on a day-to-day basis to solve some of the most complex data and cloud challenges we face today.

Practical experience

Once you have passed your training, you will join one of our teams and start working on a real-world project. You will gain valuable experience in your chosen specialisation while being mentored by a senior member of the team.

Top performing trainees will be guaranteed a permanent job with Infinite Lambda at the end of the 12-month Accelerator programme.

Тracks & specialisations

You can choose from 2 tracks with 2 specialisations in each.
All specialisations are open to trainees based in Sofia or Plovdiv.

Data track

The demand for Data professionals has never been higher. How well data is utilised in an organisation often dictates how successful it is. Infinite Lambda relies on world-class people, technologies and methodologies to enable organisations to thrive using great data engineering, analytics and science.


Data engineering

Learn how to build high performing big data pipelines, create streaming analytics and enable businesses to use machine learning in production.

Our trainers will teach you the best practices to work with a programming language like Python. We will teach you how to run workloads on Kubernetes and how to orchestrate complex data pipelines with technologies like Airflow and Argo. You will learn about modern cloud data warehouses, such as Snowflake, and Data Science platforms, such as Databricks. You will also get experience with streaming platforms like Kafka and use a number of serverless tools like Lambda functions and Kinesis, and others.


Closed for applications


Analytics engineering

Learn how to use modern advanced analytics and data science to optimise any organisation and make it data-driven.

Integrate data from multiple areas of the business into a single trusted model using Fivetran, dbt and Snowflake. Employ modern business intelligence tools, such as Looker and Tableau, to enable businesses to build automated reports and do advanced analytics in a self-service way. Get exposure to advanced data modelling techniques, such as Kimball and Data Vault 2.0, and use them in order to reduce complexity in an organisation. Leverage Amazon SageMaker to automate machine learning for the purposes of customer segmentation and automated recommendations.


Closed for applications

Cloud native track

Cloud native engineering is a modern approach to building cloud-based, scalable, robust and secure applications that work equally well for thousands and millions of users. We use it to build digital banks, automate AI-based decision making on streaming data or help popular mobile games automatically personalise content for a more engaging experience.


Cloud application development

Learn to design, build and deploy modern architectures that serve the needs of 500 to 500M customers in the most robust, secure and scalable way.

In this track, you will use event-driven architectures which scale-out effortlessly, ensure stability with circuit-breaking and design applications for constant change to achieve near-zero downtime and leading performance.


Closed for applications



Learn how to leverage modern tools and methodologies to optimise software development, create complex cloud infrastructure and keep it safe and secure.

We will teach you everything you need to know about the top cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) and show you how to use Terraform to automate secure infrastructure deployment. You will be exposed to great DevOps practices that empower engineering teams to automate machine learning and data engineering deployables. You will also learn how to implement DevOps principles into data engineering, also referred to as DataOps.


Closed for applications

About Infinite Lambda

Infinite Lambda is Europe’s fastest-growing data and cloud-native engineering consultancy. Our teams are behind the cutting-edge technology platforms of modern organisations across 14 different industries, including biotech, fintech, energy, education, NGO, e-commerce and video gaming.

We have mastered the craft of helping talented technologists enter the exclusive world of high-end data and cloud-native engineering. Our mission is to help more people enter these fields, acquire this exclusive tech stack and gain hands-on experience to become outstanding professionals.

Why join the
Infinite Lambda
Talent Accelerator

You will learn from leading experts that will share their experience with large-scale projects and support your learning curve.

You will gain hands-on experience with real projects and get to solve actual engineering challenges.

You will receive a competitive monthly salary for the entire 12-month period of the traineeship as well as a company MacBook.

Upon successful completion, you will be offered a permanent position with Infinite Lambda or one of our clients.

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