Infinite Lambda Becomes a VaultSpeed Partner

Geri Plamenova
February 23, 2023
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We are excited to announce that Infinite Lambda is now an official VaultSpeed partner.

This partnership is important to us because of the cutting-edge automation technology it enables us to apply to projects.

Even before we officially became partners, we had the unconditional support of the VaultSpeed team who work tirelessly to keep developing an ever more impactful solution. It is this wholesome experience of support and a common mission of delivering excellence that inspires our trust in our partners.

VaultSpeed’s technology

VaultSpeed’s innovative tech enables us to streamline automation processes, ultimately facilitating analysis and reporting.

Building a single source of truth for a client starts by bringing all of their data together. Essentially, this means integrating data from any number of sources (which keeps growing as we speak) and connecting these into a data warehouse.

Data integration of such magnitude and complexity requires extensive planning and modelling on the part of engineering teams. Considering that a data platform is intended to serve the business in the longest run, centralisation processes also need to be standardised across sources and formats. This also ensures that the data remains auditable and meets compliance requirements.

The only sustainable approach here is data warehouse automation (DWA), which optimises processes and ensures adherence to standardisation practices. Automation radically optimises efficiency, freeing up data teams from manual tasks to make them more productive and resilient.


The value of optimisation

The way VaultSpeed’s DWAs help companies is by dramatically reducing the time processed would otherwise take. Such an increase in efficiency results in shorter times to market, which essentially optimises the ROI in automation.


Data Vault 2.0 and VaultSpeed

The Data Vault 2.0 modelling technique offers an elegant approach to design architecture with the highest standards of traceability and auditability.

VaultSpeed take this to the next level, automating multi-source data integration on the cloud. Their cutting-edge platform automates ETL processes supporting both full and incremental loads. It makes projects less prone to human error thus contributing to accuracy and dependability. Finally, the fact that it is cloud native means it is easy to scale, it can support a client’s entire analytics infrastructure and it reduces infrastructure costs.

All of this is done in a no-code manner, which makes it accessible for customers, reduces complexity and saves time at every step. The user-friendly interface of the tool means handling is a breeze and makes it an excellent choice for enterprise clients.

How this partnership came about

Infinite Lambda’s data analytics and data engineering teams had been using the Data Vault 2.0 modelling technique since the very start of the company. As we were constantly looking to expand expertise and optimise our ways, we came across VaultSpeed’s technology and immediately recognised a great opportunity to improve processes.

As true believers in continuous optimisation and cloud native tech pioneers, VaultSpeed is our go-to tool for data warehouse automation.

This partnership will keep growing with everything we learn and all the challenges we address together. We are happy to continue applying VaultSpeed's cutting-edge automation technology to optimise projects and empower clients to see better ROI on automation faster. Our engineers are looking forward to the next challenges that this groundbreaking technology can help them solve.

Thank you for your trust, VaultSpeed.


Get in touch, so we can discuss how your organisation can harness the full power of its data or to discuss automations specifically.

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