Infinite Lambda Named Snowflake Elite Services Partner

Geri Plamenova
December 8, 2022
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Infinite Lambda has been accredited with Snowflake Elite Services Partnership. We are beyond thrilled to share the news as this recognition attests to our extensive expertise in the Data Cloud.

We have been leveraging Snowflake since the very start, strategising with clients and empowering them to adopt advanced technological capabilities in their organisations.

The Elite Snowflake Partner status is a recognition of our work creating successful tech and data strategies, building scalable solutions and guiding our clients to full independence. This partnership will further empower us to maximise the impact of our clients’ cloud transformation journeys.

Snowflake Elite Services Partner

Snowflake has been an integral part of Infinite Lambda since the beginning. An enormous amount of internal research, knowledge and project experience sharing has made the Infinite Lambda team industry-leading experts with this technology. The Snowflake Elite Partners status is a true recognition for Infinite Lambda and for their endless effort.

— Infinite Lambda CTO Marton Hubay

Having helped over 30 organisations adopt the Data Cloud for green field projects, legacy modernisations and data warehouse migrations, we can confidently say that Snowflake’s technology could benefit organisations of varying scale and industry.

Snowflake has enabled us to significantly accelerate our clients’ path to becoming data-driven and capitalising on their data. The shared success stories we have built over the years across healthcare, finance, insurance, telco, retail and many other verticals are a testament to the versatility of Snowflake in its capacity to radically transform organisations for the better.

— Infinite Lambda CEO Nas Radev

Empowering cloud transformation journeys

The Data Cloud provides unprecedented data sharing capabilities that are available for all cloud providers and do not require complex ETL processes. Near real-time streaming, processing and analytics are now powered by out-of-the-box tooling and only take minutes to deliver results.

A major reason clients opt for Snowflake is the fact that it offers extreme flexibility when it comes to managing resources. As Snowflake automatically scales up and down depending on demand and separates compute and storage usage, budgets are continuously optimised to reflect the current needs of the client organisation.

Finally, our experts have been confident in applying Snowflake because of the uncompromising reliability it delivers. Snowflake offers advanced automations for improved speed and streamlined operations to meet the ubiquitous expectations of seamless user experience free from disruptions or downtime.

Infinite Lambda is proud to be named Snowflake Elite Partner and to continue leveraging its cutting-edge Data Cloud technology to make impact on projects across industries.

Our Snowflake Success Stories

See some of the projects our team has applied Snowflake and how they have benefited from our partner’s disruptive technology:

We are ready to talk about your organisation adopting the Data Cloud and the ways it could benefit from true elasticity and scalability that our Partner provides.

Reach out to us today to learn how to adopt the technology of the future.

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