Infinite Lambda’s cloud and data engineering services are available to companies that are looking to utilise their information in a smarter way

Full Stack Data

We create a one-stop shop solution for all of your data. Consolidating the information lets you see the bigger picture and saves you the trouble of logging into different systems. We also add the automations you need to streamline both deployment and maintenance.


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Cloud Development

Cloud-based applications scale infinitely, making sure there’s always enough resources to keep your system up. At the same time, they only use up the storage and computer power that you actually need, thus optimising your expenses. We will assess your infrastructure, draw a detailed proposal and develop data-rich applications tailored to your requirements.

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Use as many of our DevOps and cloud engineers as your project requires without hiring an entire IT team full-time. Even after your project is completed, we’ll provide maintenance to make sure your infrastructure is running at optimum performance.

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We help you keep up with the latest trends through continuous training in the technologies you need. We organise coaching sessions to upskill your DataOps, DevOps and BI teams, introducing them to the best advanced practices.

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Why Choose Infinite Lambda

The team

Our experienced team of data, BI, DevOps engineers and delivery leads are certified in the tech they use and keep adding to their skill set to deliver modern cutting-edge solutions.

The tech

We create an agile infrastructure to meet the growing requirements of businesses. Our solutions utilise innovative technologies, such as Snowflake, dbt, Databricks, AWS, Looker, Airflow and many more.

The workshop

We will organise a free workshop to show you how your organisation can benefit from our data services. This is a no-obligation event and it covers the basics of what you can achieve through the service you’re considering. 

The experience

With over 20 clients across 10 industries, we solve practical problems for companies, using over 100 different tools. Our experience allows us to choose the ones that work best for each specific case.

The approach

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to use your data more efficiently. We believe in full transparency, so we’ll show you everything we do and train your engineers to do it themselves, so you can be independent in maintaining and improving your system.

Unlocking your data's potential is a huge leap for your business.
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