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End-to-end custom analytics platform in 4 weeks

We can deploy a full-stack, end-to-end integrated analytics platform in under 4 weeks. We achieve this through automation processes that ingest, clean, store and integrate all of your data into a modern data warehouse optimised for advanced analytics. Our engineers and analysts work side by side with your team to create a solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Consolidate data to create a single source of truth

Instead of logging into multiple systems, create a one-stop shop for all your data. We help you integrate data to give you a holistic view. Construct a single customer view, reconcile financial data, or apply data science algorithms such as churn prediction or product recommendation.

Data science automation workflow

Step away from disconnected workbooks and accelerate collaboration. We help you productionise data science and smoothen deployment, maintenance and adoption.

Case Study:
Building an E-Commerce Shipping Reconciliation Platform

Industry: E-Commerce

Technology used: AWS, Airflow, ECS, Kinesis, DBT, Snowflake


A multinational online retailer with over 40 operating locations was facing the pressure of high shipping costs, with no ability to attribute cost of shipping to an order item. There were suspicions that many high-selling items were actually generating a loss due to inefficient shipping charges to the customer. Further, invoices from carriers could not be validated due to lack of data consolidation, preventing our client from challenging invoiced amounts.


We built an end-to-end solution that consolidates data from a number of ERP systems, product, manufacturing, warehousing and courier databases, Excel sheets and PDFs under a single data platform across all markets and sub-brands.


By working closely with a number of departments within our client’s business, we established the best ‘rules’ to join all the data together and arrived at an attributed shipping cost per order item.

Further, we produced a single dashboard that compares expected shipping cost to carrier invoices, enabling the client to challenge as needed.

Having all this information in one place enabled us to discover more opportunities. For example, we found suboptimal shipping routes that could be optimised. Altogether these activities helped our client save millions of pounds per year.

full stack data solutions case study

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