Access to our DevOps knowledge and
talent at a fraction of the cost

Flexible DevOps without hiring full time

We provide devops support at a fraction of the cost, for a period of time of your choosing (starting at 2 months). Use our engineers on an as-needed basis, or have them train your own engineers on the best DevOps & Security practices and cloud maintenance.

24x7 support after project completion

We provide support for completed projects to ensure you are never left with a black box. We actively monitor and check the health of your system. This includes infrastructure, application security, log files and edge services like DNS, blacklists and PCI compliance.

We oversee security and patch management and constantly focus on assessing your environment to ensure it runs at optimum performance.

Fully transparent collaboration

We gather complete vision on your current situation, optimise, and integrate alongside your team. We ensure that everything built by the developers can be tested and deployed to production only when you are ready.

We can also help you uplift your on-premises infrastructure to ensure you will get a scalable and reliable service.

The fastest and most cost-effective way to seamlessly transition from onsite to cloud.

Flexible devops service allowed us to get the work done without committing to large upfront costs.

We were able to reduce lead time from months to deploying several times a day.

We can help you:

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Certified еxpertise

Full stack data

Bring all your real-time or batch data into a single integrated analytics platform

Cloud development

Develop flexible cloud processes that are robust, secure and scalable



Provide your team with regular training on the newest tools in BI, DevOps & more