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What is dbt?

dbt is a development environment that enables analysts to create sophisticated data pipelines using SQL, a tech they are already familiar with. The tool allows them to transform the data that has been loaded in the warehouse in a well-structured way. It also provides out of the box features for cleaning, validating and testing it.

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When should you use dbt?

When you work with a scalable warehouse, such as Snowflake, it’s extremely convenient to transform the data in-database. To do that, you need a tool that compiles your code into SQL and runs it against the warehouse.

Data analysts, engineers and scientists use dbt to collaborate on the development of data models and analytics. SQL being a shared language, dbt helps democratise warehouse development, removing bottlenecks on limited resources in your team. You should opt for it when you need to write data transformation code, test the quality of your data and apply best practices to your analytics code.

Use case


Our e-commerce client had been using a marketing platform with limited reporting capabilities. They aimed to expand their email marketing endeavours and had the raw data in Snowflake that they needed to transform to be used for business intelligence.


dbt use case


The marketing platform that they used provided the raw data from Snowflake and we took it from there. We delivered sophisticated email marketing performance reporting tailored to their CRM team needs. We did a hands-on training session in setting up a project in dbt, running models and resolving errors. Since then, the client has been independent in working with their business intelligence infrastructure.

Why choose Infinite Lambda

The experience

Infinite Lambda is a dbt preferred consulting provider, having successfully leveraged the technology in over 15 projects over the last 2 years. We continuously upgrade our skills and stay up to date with the latest developments.

The approach

We emphasise the full transparency at each stage of the project. Working with us, you will take an active part of the development process and will be familiar with everything we do with your system and resources.

The training

We do not shy away from sharing expertise and will organise engaging training sessions to teach you how to use dbt. Once we complete the project, you will be able to take full care of your infrastructure on your own.

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