A Single Source of Truth in the Cloud


Crating a single source of truth in Snowflake to facilitate pharmaceutical research.

Autolus is a biopharmaceutical company in the healthcare sector, working on innovative personalised cancer treatments.

What we did

A single source of truth
Snowflake setup
Uncompromising security

The Challenge

During their research around drug efficiency they had to use lots of information located in different data sources disconnected to each other.

This would require huge amounts of manual work on producing reports and visualisations that Autolus needed to draw conclusions and insights.

Due to this lengthy and inefficient process, the client was going to miss the deadline for Phase 1 of their research.

The solution

A robust place to store, process and query all data

Autolus’s main requirement was for a reliable and robust place to store, process and query all of the information from all of their data sources. We created a single source of truth for them based on Snowflake, giving them a solution to enable them to access all the information they needed in seconds.

Working with patients' most confidential information, such as health status and personal data to track their progress with treatment, Autolus also had a serious requirement around security. We used Azure infrastructure secured by Bastion to take care of login and connectivity.

The technology we useD

The Result

Research enablement

As a result of our collaboration, Autolus successfully completed Phase 1 and received official approval to start Phase 2, where they would expand their trial to other countries outside of the US.

Working with Infinite Lambda has proved to be a great partnership.

Their expertise and knowledge around data and Snowflake has enabled us to build a data lake that has significantly improved data sharing, access and analysis across functions which had previously been a manual and painful process.

They have shared their knowledge and advised on best practise and in turn upskilled our team to become relatively self-sufficient.

The IL team are friendly, knowledgeable and always make themselves available, usually at short notice (sorry!) which is greatly appreciated.
We are looking forward to continuing the working relationship.

Philippa Taylor-Gadd, Associate Director, IT Project Management at Autolus

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