Zero to Integrated Analytics in 4 weeks

To help you optimise your spend, increase profitability and build a better product.
We can build an integrated analytics platform for you in a matter of weeks.

​It is the biggest competitive advantage available to digital businesses.

​It will help you easily answer questions such as:

Automated Data Ingestion

We set up connections to all your data sources – Databases, SaaS tools, excel files and even real-time streaming datа.

Integrated Data

We create automated processes that clean, validate and then integrate your data in a centralised data warehouse.

Integrated Analytics

Our analysts help you create automated KPI reports or exploratory analyses that help you extract insights from your data.


We use our practical experience to help you interpret your data insights and act on them. Turn insight into action.

We have helped businesses leverage Integrated Analytics to improve practically every aspect of their business

“A single customer view allows me to accurately estimate life-time value”

“Thanks to Integrated Analytics I am able to see which Facebook Ad brings me the customers with the highest LTV”

“Cloud Back-end can now handle millions of requests per hour”

“This is the best way to observe app usage behavior of profitable customers vs non-profitable customers and how two subgroups influence each other”

“This makes it easy to detect and block money mules early – very important in FinTech”